People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter



The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed


ドラゴンボール | Kim yura [pixiv]

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Name: Edward Elric I’msorrythat’salie
Nickname: Shay!
Birthday: January 30th
Gender: ghost! :0
Sexuality: pandemisaiyanfusionmagicalgirlalchemists
Height: 5’7” 
Time Zone: uhm…one that makes me 5/6/7/8 hours ahead/behind people I want to talk to the most? 
What time and date is it there: September 1st, 2014 — 8:30pm
2OTPS: Vegito & Gogeta and, uhm…I can’t pick only one *sweats* but VegiGoge is like, my thing.
The last thing I googled was: Tunnel of Love Kleven, Ukraine
First word that comes to mind: puff
What I last said to a family member: “Night, love you” (my lil sis)
One place that makes me happy and why: my home; it’s the place I feel most comfortable and the people I love most are here.
How many blankets I sleep under: two normally — fluffy and normal.
Favourite beverage: hmm…probably flavoured milk.
The last movie I watched in the cinema was: The Avengers
Three things I can’t live without: oxygen, water and food :0
Something I plan on learning: another language
A piece of advice for all my followers: love as much as you want. there’s not enough free love anymore and it’s sad.
My blogs: this one right here, gojita, potarafusion aaand badakkuu

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  1. This Song Is About YouOlly Murs
  2. Fuckin’ PerfectP!nk
  3. Mooncatchers(Theophany Collaboration // Dust the Film)
  4. Elastic HeartSia
  5. Burning GoldChristina Perri
  6. CrystalliseLindsey Stirling 
  7. Wear Me OutSkylar Grey
  8. EternalAbove & Beyond
  9. Save YouSimple Plan
  10. Sweet DespairCher Lloyd

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t h e r e    a r e    n o    s e c r e t s


absolutely destroy the idea that you have to be loved romantically and love romantically

destroy the idea that the end goal of life is to get into a romantic relationship/marriage

romantic love isn’t a requirement to live life and it never will be

Edward never actually cared about getting his real arm and leg back after he got automail, but he kept telling people that he wanted them back because he didn’t want Alphonse to feel like a burden as they tried to get his body back.